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Breaking down the Barriers
To Energy Efficiency
And Renewable Energy

Welcome to Generation Energy Limited, a consultancy that assists companies
developing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
confronting financials barriers by setting up financials arrangements
based on carbon credits and international public aid (ODA)


Understanding “Barriers” and “additionality”
The United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)


The UNFCC calls for a drastic change in business approach to many sectors.

Indeed, the warming of the planet, one of the greatest challenges ever faced by human kind, is the result of “business as usual” or of the “invisible hand of the market”. The market goes to what is cheaper or easier to make. As a result, the use of fossil combustibles or the activity of chemist industry, without proper control, results in excessive emission of greenhouse gas (GHG).  Similarly, the exploitation of forest without constraints causes deforestation.

Fighting against, or modifying those practices, requires political action but also results in up-scaling the cost of some economic activities.  In other terms, it induces “additionality” to the market cost factors. To preserve environment and, in particular, to reduce GHG emissions entails additional costs.

Aside from the “cost factor”, environment-friendly activities or technologies meet other obstacles. Those obstacles are called “barriers” in the subsequent decisions taken under the UNFCC.


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